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HVA Series Portable Top Loading Autoclaves from Amerex

HVA Series Portable Top Loading Autoclaves from Amerex
HVA Series Portable Top Loading Autoclaves from Amerex

  • Space-saving design with lid opening upward
  • Standard built-in cooling fan for faster post-sterilization cooling
  • Dual lid safety interlock prevents lid opening when a cycle is in progress, the chamber is pressurized, or the temperature exceeds 97° C
  • Agar sterilization mode sterilizes agar, and then automatically keeps it warm to prevent it from solidifying
  • One touch lever to easily open and close chamber lid
  • Agar melting mode for rapidly melting agar and then automatically maintaining it at liquid temperature, or for a hot and faster start-up
  • Door closure sensor prevents a cycle from starting unless the door is closed properly
  • In-process display shows the status and the progress of sterilization cycle
  • Not intended for medical use
Available Models:

Product Code Description
AMEHVA-85 85 L Top Loading Autoclave, 16.4" D x 24.2" H
AMEHVA-110 110 L Top Loading Autoclave, 16.5" D x 31.3" H

Control Panel:

Included with Purchase:

1 x Autoclave Unit
1 x Power Cord & Instruction Manual

Accessories for Amerex Autoclaves:

Three different types of stainless steel containers of different heights (large, medium and small) are available for handling different loads. Stacking shorter containers can increase load capacity (two medium-sized and three small-sized containers can fit in a given chamber). A mesh wire basket is suitable for most loads, including glassware and media. A pail is used for media and Petri dishes with liquid in them as well as to contain potential spillage from waste bags. A drum has a hinged lid with a handle. Depending on the load, it serves as a closed (but not watertight) trash container or as a carrying and storage case. the side and bottom of the drum are perforated for better steam penetration, sliding panels cover these perforations prior to and after sterilization. Stainless steel tube racks, with various capacities (up to 126 tubes per rack) for 13 mm or 20 mm tubes, are also available. You can stack tube racks by putting them inside stacked containers.

Optional accessories also available: a) digital temperature and chart recorders, b) data logger and c) floating sensor that monitors the load temperature and sterilization timer are only activated when the load temperature reaches the set temperature.

Autoclave Code Accessory Code Description
AMEATHVA-85 AMEATA-25B2 Stainless Steel Basket (8.3" x 10.2", D x H), Each
AMEATA-25P2 Stainless Steel Pail (8.3" x 9.8", D x H), Each
AMEATA-25D2 Stainless Steel Drum with Hinged Lid (8.3" x 6.8", D x H), Each
AMEATHVA-110 AMEATA-50B2 Stainless Steel Basket (10.7" x 11.8", D x H), Each
AMEATA-50B3 Stainless Steel Basket (10.7" x 8.7", D x H), Each
AMEATA-50BSB1 Stainless Steel Basket with 5" Solid Bottom, Each
AMEATA-50P2 Stainless Steel Pail (10.7" x 10.7", D x H), Each
AMEATA-50P3 Stainless Steel Pail (10.7" x 8.3", D x H), Each
AMEATA-50D3 Stainless Steel Drum with Hinged Lid (10.7" x 7.1", D x H), Each
AMEATA-TR13-90 Stainless Steel Tube Rack, Holds 90 x 13 mm Tubes, Each
AMEATA-TR20-60 Stainless Steel Tube Rack, Holds 60 x 20 mm Tubes, Each






Operating Range

105° - 135° C

Display Range

137° C

Agar Warming Range

After sterilization, agar can be maintained from 45° - 60° C (programmable) to prevent coagulation for up to 20 hours

Gauge Pressure

Maximum Allowable

38 psi (0.26 MPa)

Operating Range

3 to 30 psi (0.021 to 0.206 MPa)



1 to 250 minutes

Overall (W x D x H)

26 x 25.6 x 39.4 inches, 66 x 65 x 100 cm

26 x 25.6 x 46.4 inches,
66 x 65 x 118 cm

Chamber Volume

85 Litres

110 Litres

Chamber (D x H)

16.5 x 24.2 inches,
42 x 61.5 cm

16.5 x 31.3 inches,
42 cm x 79.5 cm

Safety Devices

Dual-sensing lid interlock, over-pressure power cut-off, over-temperature power cut-off, low-water power cut-off, mechanical pressure relief valve, microprocessor-controlled pressure relief valve, lid-closure detector, over-current detector and circuit breaker


 1. For Agar

Heating -> Sterilization -> Auto steam exhaust or ambient cooling (programmable) -> Warming -> Completion

 2. For Liquids

Heating -> Sterilization -> Auto steam exhaust or ambient cooling (programmable) -> Completion

 3. For Solids

Heating -> Sterilization -> Auto exhaust (fast) -> Completion




 Stainless Steel

Mesh wire baskets, buckets (pails), and round test tube racks

Factory or Field Installed

Data logger



208V / 220V / 240V, 50 / 60 Hz, single phase


2,000 Watts (2,000 V)

4,000 Watts (4,000 V)

 Shipping Weight

180 lb, 82 kg

308 lb, 140 kg


1 Year


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