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Rotor for GYR406 Centrifuge

Rotor for GYR406 Centrifuge
 Rotor for GYR406 Centrifuge

The new rotor, GRA-15/10-12 has same dimension with GRA-15-6A except the number of tube holes. It uses similar sleeve, GLB-15/10A, which is 4 mm smaller that GLB-15A-FA for secured holding of 10 mL vacutainer tube. The radius of the rotor and sleeves is the same with GRA-15-6A rotor and so the relevant g-force is the same too.

Any vacutainer tubes from 3 mL up to 10 mL can be inserted up to 12 with no interference between tubes. But the 15 mL conical tubes or other tubes with wider caps can be loaded up to 6 to avoid the intervention by    the neighbor tubes.

When smaller tubes or vacutainer tubes lesser than 7 mL are used, proper adaptors should be selected among GRA-3(15), GRA-5(15), and GRA-c5(15) depending on the diameter and height of tubes.

Refer the following pictures with different types of tubes into GRA-15/10-12 rotor.

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