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Swinging Glass Door, End-Cap Refrigerator

Swinging Glass Door, End-Cap Refrigerator
Swinging Glass Door, End-Cap Refrigerator

  • HABCO® exclusive, bottom mounted, cassette® refrigeration system exchangeable in less than 5 minutes from front without opening the door allows ease of maintenance, service and upgrade
  • Completely front-breathing, the cabinet can be fully enclosed at rear, top, bottom and both sides saving valuable space
  • Lint-tolerant design with four fins per inch, maximizes air-flow over the compressor and minimizes build-up of dust and lint
  • Exclusive, priority air flow for uniform interior product cooling and optimum heat exchange outside the cabinet
  • Automatic, condensate control system is stainless steel maintenance-free and energy saving
  • Self-closing swing door features easy-mount door reversal system, hold-open position, and spring-back protection
  • High efficiency insulated safety glass door is 30% more efficient than triple-pane and 22% lighter maximizing hardware lifespan
  • Integrated illuminated merchandising sign and interior display lighting, features electronic ballast technology
  • Low profile design provides maximum cold space in compact package

Included with Purchase

  • 1 x Refrigerator
  • 4 x Shelves
  • 1 x Power Cord & Manual


Product Code Description
REFCLIP Shelf Clip for Additional Shelf, 4/Shelf Required, 4/Pack
REF-CASTERS Set of 4 x 5" Casters, Includes 2 Locking Casters, 4/Pack
REFLOCK Lock for Fridges and Freezers, Each
REF-CASTER3 3.75" Caster set, Includes 2 Locking Casters, 4/Pack
REFI065410 46CF Front Grill, Each


Exterior Dimensions (W x D x H) 23.9 x 24 x 62 Inches, 60.7 x 61 x 157.5 cm
Interior Dimensions (W x D x H) 20.1 x 19 x 43.1 Inches, 51.2 x 48.3 x 135 cm
Shelves Dimensions (W x D) 19.6 x 17.4 Inches, 49.9 x 44.2 cm
Number of Shelves Included 4
Shipping Weight 204 lbs, 93 kg
Shipping Crate Height 28.5 ft, 0.81 m
Cold Space 12 ft3, 340 L
Cooling Capacity 186 W, 1/4 hp
Electrical 115 V, 2.7 A, 60 Hz, Single Phase - Nema 5-15P
Warranty 1 Year
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