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Histoclear 5 Gallon

Histoclear 5 Gallon


  • Nontoxic Histological Clearing Agent
  • Reduced Flammability
  • Biodegradable, Eliminates Disposal Costs
  • Superior Results with low citrus odour
  • Low Odor
  • Rapid clearing without the toxic hazards of Zylene
  • Natural product with food grade rating worldwide
The use of Histo-Clear in the laboratory means no longer having to breathe xylene when preparing histological sections. Distilled from oranges, carefully purified, and staiblized, Histo-Clear is one of the safest clearing agents available.

Histo-Clear not only improves safety but also results. Histo-Clear leaves tissue less hard and brittle than xylene, facilitating the cutting of thin sections and prolonging microtome blade life. Nuclear morphology is rendered in fine detail. Histo-Clear enhances the clarity and vibrance of acidophilic stains and improves staining of Hiarris' Hematoxylin with a brighter Eosin background. Histo-Clear can directly substitute for xylene and yields excellent results in automated tissue processing.


Boiling Point 325-360° F
Melting Point < - 68° F
Vapour Pressure (mmHg) 2 mmHg @ 68° F
Vapour Density (Air = 1) 4.94 (Air = 1)
% Volatile by Volume 100%
Evaporation Rate 0.3 (n-Bu Acetate = 1)
Solubility in water < 0.01% @ 77° F
pH N/A
Specific Gravity (H2O = 1) 0.75 @ 60° F


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