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Labnet GyroTwister™ 3-D Shaker with Non-Slip Dimpled Rubber Mat, 120 V

Labnet GyroTwister™ 3-D Shaker with Non-Slip Dimpled Rubber Mat, 120 V

Gyrotwister GX1000 Shaker from Labnet


  • Gyratory action provides gentle yet thorough mixing
  • Hybridization, staining gels, immuno-staining and general mixing
  • Safe for use in temperature-controlled rooms
  • Double platform and larger platforms available

The Labnet shaker line has entered the next dimension with the GyroTwisterTM GX-1000. This 3-D shaker produces a gyratory motion that is gentler to samples and more efficient than that of a standard orbital shaker. Adjustable agitation and a variety of accessories make the GyroTwisterTM GX-1000 useful for a wide variety of shaking applications.

The GyroTwister GX-1000's platform moves through three dimensions to produce a gyratory action that thoroughly mixes samples. While this motion provides excellent mixing, it does not result in "sloshing" of samples, making it ideal for delicate items such as gels.

The speed of the GyroTwister GX-1000 is continuously adjustable across a broad range to tailor the shaking action to sample requirements. Typical applications include gel staining and destaining, hybridization, washing of blots, mixing of blood samples, immunoassays and general high and low speed mixing. The pitch of the platform is fixed at ± 7° to ensure even wetting of all sample areas.

The nonslip mat on the platform surface keeps sample containers in place during low speed shaking. At higher speeds, the elastic universal sample tie-downs are stretched across the platform to secure containers. The tie-downs easily accommodate flasks, racks and odd shaped containers that would typically be held in place with clamps. Tubes are held securely by the dimpled mat. Optional large and extra large platforms are easily interchangeable to increase the capacity and versatility of the shaker. To increase capacity without expanding the footprint, a second standard size platform (30 x 30 cm) may be stacked on top of the first.

The GyroTwister GX-1000 is designed to provide a long, trouble-free service life. All moving parts feature permanently lubricated ball bearings for quiet, maintenance-free operation. The sturdy base has a corrosion resistant finish and lends stability to the unit to prevent vibration during high speed operation. An "accordion" sleeve protects the shaking mechanism from dust and spills.

The GyroTwister GX-1000 is safe for use in temperature-controlled environments, up to 65° C. The unit is supplied complete with 30 x 30 cm non-slip platform, dimpled tube mat and universal sample tie-downs.

Available Models

Product Code



Labnet GyroTwisterTM 3-D Shaker with Non-Slip Dimpled Rubber Mat, 120 V, Each

NLS1000-A Labnet GyroTwisterTM Adjustable 3-D Shaker with Non-Slip Dimpled Rubber Mat, Each

Included with Purchase

  • 1 x Labnet GyroTwister™ 3-D Shaker
  • 1 x 30 x 30 cm Platform & Non-Slip Dimpled Mat
  • 1 x Power Cord & Instruction Manual



Product Code



30 x 30 cm Stacking Platform with Attachment Hardware, Each


40 x 40 cm Large Stacking Platform, Each


50 x 50 cm Extra-Large Stacking Platform, Each


30 x 30 cm Dimpled Mat for Holding Tubes, Each



NLS-1000 - GyroTwister™ 3-D Shaker with Non-Slip Dimpled Rubber Mat, Each

NLS1000-A - GyroTwister™ Adjustable 3-D Shaker with Non-Slip Dimpled Rubber Mat, Each

Speed Range

3 - 60 rpm


20 - 120 minutes or continuous

Motion / Pitch

3D / Fixed 7° pitch

3D / Adjustable ± 10° pitch

Maximum Load

11 lbs, 5 kg

Ambient Operating Range

+4° to 65° C

Dimensions (W x D x H)

13 x 13.9 x 8.3 Inches,
33 x 35.2 x 21 cm


14.3 lbs, 6.6 kg


120 V, 50/60 Hz


1 Year

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