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DiaTEC Mini Dry Bath Incubator (Round Block)

DiaTEC Mini Dry Bath Incubator (Round Block)
DiaTEC Mini Dry Bath Incubator (Round Block)


  • Fast heating speed
  • Accurate heating temperature and precise temperature control
  • Unit is stable and emits minimal noise
  • The unit features a:
    • built-in temperature deviation calibration function
    • automatic fault detection
    • alarm (beeper) function
  • Built-in over-temperature prevention mechanism stops the unit from over-heating, keeping everyone safe and providing reliability
  • Unit has a small footprint and takes up little valuable bench-top space
  • Cover is transparent to assist in viewing specimen's temperature change
  • Wide variety of heating blocks available for your convenience
  • Blocks are easy to change and clean

The round mini dry bath incubator is an economical choice of a newly-designed dry bath incubator for your lab. Its attractive appearance, excellent performance and appealing price provide various reasons to choose this unit for your lab.

The mini dry-bath Incubator with cooling fan features temperature accuracy. It is extensively used for sample incubation, conservation and reaction in medicine, chemistry, food safety, quality testing, environmental industries and more.

Available Models

Product Code Description
DIADKT-100 DiaTEC Dry Bath Incubator (Round Block), Each

Included with Purchase

  • 1 x DiaTEC Dry Bath Incubator
  • 1 x Round Heating Block for 1.5 ml Tubes
  • 1 x Power Cord
  • 1 x Manual


Product Code Description
DIAF-100 24 x 0.5 ml + 30 x 1.5 ml Block for DIADKT-100 DiaTEC Dry Bath Incubator Unit, Dimensions: ⌀ 104.5 mm x 32 holes, Each


Diamed Series Dry Bath Incubator with Round Heating Block
Temperature Control Range Room Temperature + 5° ~ 100° C
Heating Time (from 20° - 100° C) ≤ 10 minutes
Temperature Control Accuracy ≤ ± 0.5° C
Temperature Display Accuracy 0.1° C
Block Temperature Uniformity ≤ ± 0.5° C
Maximum Power 150 W
Maximum Temperature 105° C
Time Setting 9,999 minutes
Dimensions 6.9 x 6.1 x 4.8 Inches, 17.6 x 15.6 x 12.1 cm
Net Weight 3.3 lbs, 1.5 kg
Warranty 1 Year

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   DIAF-100   24 x 0.5 ml + 30 x 1.5 ml Block for DIADKT-100 Diamed Dry Bath Incubator Unit   1   $163.74 
   DIAC-100   Block for 39 x 1.5 ml Tubes for the Diamed Mini Dry Bath Incubator (Round Block)   1   $163.74 
   DIADKT-100   Diamed Mini Dry Bath Incubator (Round Block)   1   Email for quote
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