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DiaSOFT Nitrile 4mil Gloves

DiaSOFT Nitrile 4mil Gloves
  • Powder Free
  • Fully Textured
  • 0.6 AQL
  • 4mil
  • Optimal Barrier Protection
  • Provides excellent protection against abrasion, snags and punctures, with chemical resistance to most liquids
  • Proprietory low modulus formulation reduces hand fatigue and enhances comfort
  • Ambidextrous
  • 100% latex-free
  • Superior strength ensures optimal barrier protection
  • UL / NFPA certified for Protective Clothing for Emergency Medical Services
All gloves are manufactured under GMP and ISO 9001 Quality System and conform to internantional quality standards.

Applications: Ideal for use by Paramedics, law enforcement, food preparation and handling, auto assembly, medical, dental, painting, furniture finishing, photo labs and general maintenance, or nursing homes staff.

Glove Chemical Resistance & Barrier Guide
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   DIA4009-XSPF   DiaSOFT Nitrile 3mil Gloves - EXTRA-SMALL, 100/box   100   $19.39  $14.99 
   DIA4009-SPF   DiaSOFT Nitrile 4mil Gloves - Small, 100/box   100   $19.39  $14.99 
   DIA4009-MPF   DiaSOFT Nitrile 4mil Gloves - Medium, 100/box   100   $19.39  $14.99 
   DIA4009-LPF   DiaSOFT Nitrile 4mil Gloves - Large, 100/box   100   $19.39  $14.99 
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