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Round White Economy Beaker Racks, 4/pk

Round White Economy Beaker Racks, 4/pk
  • Capacity: 20 Place for 1000ml Beaker
  • 105mm Outside Diameter
  • Two sizes of rack to fit either 400ml or 1000ml beakers
  • Ideal for beakers and bench top incubation
A snug fit retains the tubes that can be easily released by lightly pressing the rack against the bench until the legs touch. Leg length: 19mm (3/4"). Steam autoclavable at 121°C (250°F) 4 per bag
Polypropylene racks float maintaining 1.5ml tubes immersed the in bath with tops held above the water level

Outer Diameter: 95mm
places: 20
hole diameter: 10.8mm
fits beaker: 1000ml
color: white

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