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Halo Laboratory Grade Air Filtration System from erlab

Halo Laboratory Grade Air Filtration System from erlab
Halo Laboratory Grade Air Filtration System from erlab

A never-before seen solution to cleaning the air in your laboratory

·         Healthier air with considerable savings

·         Simple to install and use - no need to connect to your HVAC

·         Easy access panel for quick filter changes

·         Smartphone technology allows simple monitoring of the unit

·         BACnet capable


Halo is easily mounted into the ceiling and on the job 24/7 providing healthier air for your laboratory by safely capturing chemicals and recirculating clean air back into the laboratory.

Utilizing the power of Erlab’s patented Neutrodine filtration technology, Halo eliminates noxious fumes while simultaneously improving the air quality of the lab.


Halo's unique sensor continuously evaluates the laboratory air quality for fugitive contaminants. Halo's powerful Neutrodine filtration technology captures and retains a broad range of acids, bases and solvents, making it ideal for any noxious chemical emissions in the laboratory air.

Smart technology
When Halo senses contaminants; the soft LED lights will pulse to let you know that the air is being cleaned. Quickly and easily view the current status of the unit via the exclusive web portal from your smartphone, tablet or computer.


You choose the best operating mode (24 hours, day/night, alert) based on the needs of the laboratory.

Neutrodine filtration technology
The power of the Neutrodine filtration technology, also used in the GreenFumeHood, capture and retain a broad range of acids, bases and solvents

Energy savings

·         Reduce fresh air needs that requires complicated and expensive airflow control systems, air quality sensing systems, or building management systems programming

·         Delivering equivalent Air Change Rates (Each) for safety and savings in the lab environment.

·         Very Low energy consumption (50W)





892 x 592 x 260 mm
35''1/8 x 23'' 5/16 x 10'' ¼ inches

Processed air flow

135 ft3 - 220 m3/h

Operating modes

24/7, Night/Day, Alert

Fan monitoring

Halo unit monitors the air flow and informs the user through light pulsation communication.

Pre filtration

Particulate pre-filter

Filtration options

- VOC : for volatile organic compounds
- Chemplus : for broad range of chemicals (using Neutrodine Filtration technology)

VOCs detection

Semiconductor sensor

Man-Machine interface

Simple communication by LED pulsation system

e-Guard Communication

- Webservice (Embedded)
- Software (Start & Extended versions)
- ABS (BacNet protocol)


1 x Ethernet Port


Hung via 4 eye bolts (included)


68 lbs - 31 kg (including filter)

Voltage / frequency

80 - 240 V 50/60hz

Energy consumption

50 W




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   ERLHALO-CRF   Chemplus Replacement Filter for Solvents & Acids   1   Email for quote
   ERLHALOCHEM   Halo Smart Laboratory Air Filtration System - Chemplus (Includes Filter & Prefilter XLS on install)   1   Email for quote
   ERLHALOVOC   Halo Smart Laboratory Air Filtration System - VOC (Includes Filter & Prefilter XLS on install)   1   Email for quote
   ERLHALO-VRF   VOC Replacement Filter for Volatile Organic Compunds   1   Email for quote
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