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O2NE Oxygen Monitoring System

O2NE Oxygen Monitoring System
O2NE Oxygen Monitoring System


  • LCD Screen
  • Visual & Audible alarm
  • Battery back up
  • Repeater with Visual & Audible alarm
  • Easy to self calibrate
  • 4 - 20 mA output

Gases like Nitrogen are commonly used in cryogenic applications in hospitals and clinics for preservation of tissues, embryos and blood. Wherever these gases are used and stored, staff are potentially at risk. A leak of an inert gas results in Oxygen depletion of the atmosphere and should such leaks occur people could die.

Cryogenic gases are odourless and colourless, they cannot be detected by the human senses and you cannot be 100% sure there is no gas leak unless you have installed a monitoring system.

What happens when levels of Oxygen deplete? As levels of Oxygen deplete you will experience the following effects:
  • 15 - 19 % impaired co-ordination
  • 10 - 12% increase in pulse, impaired judgement and perception, lips turn blue
  • 6 - 10% Mental Failure, nausea, fainting and unconsciousness. Fatal after 8 minutes.
  • < 6% coma within 40 seconds, respiration ceases and death

Why choose the O2NE?
  1. Quick and Easy to Install. There is no need to pay for a specialist installer. The O2NE is designed to be installed by you and is even provided with a drilling template and screws.
  2. Fully user maintainable. You don't need to pay for an engineer maintenance visit every year. The O2 sensor is quick and easy to change and calibration can be done by the push of one button.
  3. Safety built as standard. The O2NE is provided with 2 audio visual alarms compliant with HSE recommendations and has a remote repeater alarm to ensure your staff know the atmosphere is safe before they enter.

The O2NE is an instrument you can put your faith in. It comes from a leading company with thousands of systems around the world. By using the latest technology the O2NE provides you with:
  • a cost effective O2 depletion alarm system
  • Peace of mind - Your staff are protected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • Ensuring Safety - Simple to install, purpose designed and packaged at an affordable price
  • Convenient - Can be installed and working in less than 10 minutes of receiving the unit.


The O2NE is an easily installed mains powered Oxygen monitor. It consists of a main sensor unit, which is positioned in the work or gas storage area, and remote repeater unit. Do you sit at a lab bench for most of the day or are you standing up? The O2NE should be fitted at head height, in your breathing zone. The pre-wired remote repeater should be installed at eye level outside the entrance door. This allows you to check the green light is blinking, letting you know when it is safe to enter. Both units have integral sounders and flashing alarms, which operate when preset levels are reached. More than one door? No problem, up to three remote repeater units can be connected to the sensor unit, so you know it is safe to enter.

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